How to know the hosting provider of a page?

How to know the hosting provider of a page? What is the most frequent question! It can happen to anyone: you are browsing there and suddenly you discover a website or a blog that literally flies! Red with envy, you intend to find out which web hosting company is behind this wonder and where you can access these services. Or do you want to migrate your hosting to a well-known web host? Do you know how to do it?

Cómo saber el proveedor de hosting de una página

Well, to tell the truth, you don’t have to be an expert to carry out this investigative work and it is not a very complicated process. With very simple tools you can obtain valuable information about the hosting that is hidden behind any website, which helps you in your own search for a quality service.

We are going to review some examples of the most recognized online tools to carry out this task in 2020, which will help you to get out of all your doubts and, also, they are free. You are not going to become a hacker or violate the privacy policies of any site. In most cases, you will be surprised by the simplicity of the process, the speed of response and you can use them without restrictions, whenever you need it:


Launched in 2007, this tool was the first of its kind, allowing access to web hosting data from any page (although with some limitations as we will see in a moment). With a very simple and friendly interface, simply copy the web address of the site (the domain) that we are interested in investigating and click on “search” (or use “enter” on the keyboard). With this action, the page allows you to see the provider of the hosting service, the IP address and the name of the server (or servers) on which the website is hosted.

The limitations of use that you may have to access the information about the origin of the hosting come from the use of a content distribution network (CDN) that masks and makes the location of the service impossible, without having a record of the provider of hosting in their databases or in case of a dedicated server.

Despite this, the experience gained in 13 years of work and the high percentage of reliability have made it the preferred tool for carrying out this type of search.


RIPE is the acronym for the Coordination Center for European IP Networks. It is the Regional Internet Registry that is in charge of storing the information of the domains and IPs of the European continent, the Middle East and Central Asia. This second tool requires a little more expertise from the user, because to obtain the data you want it is not enough to know the domain: you will have to provide the IP address of the site in question (which you can get from the first tool ).

How to use RIPE? You enter the web page and enter the IP address in the box that you will find above, on the right. The result unfolds almost immediately.

Obviously, the main limitation of this online service is that it will not identify servers located outside Europe and its area of ​​influence, so if the server is in Latin America or the United States, you will not find the information you request.


With a very simple procedure, IsHostedBy offers you concise but useful information. If you enter the website of this tool you will only have to copy the domain and analyze it. In addition to giving you the name of the hosting provider, you will get its geographical location and the IP address that corresponds to that domain.


With a striking interface, this public directory allows you to enter both the domain and the IP address and have access not only to the name of the web hosting company but to a lot of information related to the domain owner, such as his full name, his business address. , email and contact information, which may be useful if you want to contact him to acquire his services. In addition you will be able to know historical information related to the domain.

We consider a disadvantage, the format of presentation of the information that can be somewhat confusing for an amateur user, so it is advisable to have some previous experience so as not to get lost. Of all the tools we tested, Whois offers the most additional data. Although, in some cases, we will not be able to obtain the commercial name of the hosting service.


This website is renowned for bringing together, in one place, thousands of user reviews (and vendor responses) about web hosting. But in addition, it offers the service of search of accommodation provider, through the use of the domain of the website. In our opinion, it is not the best service we have tried.

What use does it have: how to know the hosting provider of a page

They say that information is power and access specific data related to a web hosting service -either from any page or from your commercial competition- will allow you to have more and better tools when making decisions about the service you want to obtain. Doing a little research, you can achieve a better performance of your website and this will have multiple benefits for your project.

I hope that the question: how do you know the hosting provider for a page ?, has been answered. So let’s try it!

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