What is a Web Hosting and What is it for?

What is a web hosting and what is it for? It is one of the questions that most reaches our email. And it is because web hosting is the backbone of every website. The web hosting offer is very varied and at first glance it may seem that they sell you the same, but it is not. With our commitment and support you will be able to understand. What is a web hosting and what is this service for, what types exist in the market. Above all, how to choose a good accommodation, among the very varied plans there are.

que es un hosting web y para que sirve

Let’s go to the hard data and information, let’s venture a definition about what is a web hosting.

What is a web hosting? What is it for?

In order to create your web project (be it a blog or an online store) you will need to have a space on a physical server. An accommodation for all the information and data of your project.

Web hosting is the service that acts as a bridge and allows you to “rent” this web hosting space on a server. There you will be able to save your files, tools and data. A web hosting must allow access to the server almost 24/7, from anywhere on the planet.

The most serious web hosting companies in the market have percentages of availability of the accommodation that border on perfection. This access percentage per year is 99.9% in some cases. These numbers give us an idea of ​​the type of service we can expect. Although they are not the only variable to take into account when hiring a web hosting service.


Is it mandatory to have a web hosting?

Yes, you are going to have to hire a web hosting. Common internet services -like the one you have at home- and your computer are not going to provide you with the necessary characteristics (availability, speed, security and support) that professional accommodation offers you.

Also, the idea of ​​buying a server for your exclusive use exceeds any budget. By hiring web hosting services you are accessing the storage space you need, but also all the security and support tools for your website.

Choose well, this way you will have a very good data transfer speed, you will avoid security problems and you will feel the backing of a responsible and efficient technical support.


What does a good web hosting company offer you?

A web hosting company, the most serious and professional on the market, can offer you many services: its own servers (protected against physical and software attacks), data center (with the most modern biometric security systems, electrical backup in the event of power system and a whole battery of controls), guarantees of unlimited access, as well as a variety of plans for you to choose the one that suits your budget.

It is essential that a web hosting provide support for failures and errors. A web hosting should be like a safety net for trapeze artists, always ready to give you support in the face of unforeseen events that can ruin your plans.

Our years in this field and the data and information that we have collected have taught us what are the backup and support tools that you will want to find without fail in a web hosting, trying to answer the fundamental question: What is a web hosting and what is it for? ?, here we go:

  • Secure Sockets Layer or SSL security certificates: this certificate will give whoever browses your website the certainty that their data is protected. You will gain confidence in front of your users and you will have a high rating on the internet against search engines, such as Google.
  • Security: the internet is a dangerous place and without good security tools you could end up involved in a catastrophe. A web hosting must have a security support that protects you from the most common computer attacks (malware, DDoS attack, phishing, among others), so you take care of your data and those of your users.
  • Content Delivery Network or CDN: A CDN (a network of physical servers, distributed in various geographical locations with copies of the fixed data from your website) will optimize the loading speeds for your users and will work as a backup of the information, in case of a computer attack on one of the servers, guaranteeing access to your website.
  • SEO WordPress tools: a website with very good content, safe and fast, but without online visibility is a tragedy, so you must have the necessary tools so that your users find you easily and have constant traffic. WordPress tools like Yoast, All in one SEO, WP optimize help you in this task.

There are many other variables that you may want to consider when choosing a web hosting: does it offer an email account? Does it allow to create a domain? Where are your servers located? Does it provide facilities to work on WordPress? How does technical support work ?, among others. The order of pr

Priorities will undoubtedly be dictated by the needs of your web project.


What type of web server should I choose?

There are different types of web hosting. Let’s see some information about the web hosting offer that you can find in the market:

  • Dedicated server: this is a physical server exclusively for use by a client. This option is not the most used, since it involves a high cost and is usually chosen by large companies, with large-scale projects.
  • Virtual server or VPS (virtual private server): it is a partition within a server that guarantees a certain amount of space and resources allocated and not shared with any other client. This option usually requires more technical skills, since it requires certain maintenance tasks.
  • Shared web hosting: a shared hosting is the simplest and cheapest option when choosing a web hosting. It is a space within a server, which puts at your disposal tools and resources to carry out your website, without having to worry about the maintenance and management of the server.

By sharing virtual space with other websites, the domains assigned to each one (that is, the name that identifies each website) will guarantee that there are no errors when loading the information that corresponds to each website.

  • WordPress Hosting: There are various content managers (such as Joomla, Drupal, Magento) but we all know that WordPress is the most used today. So it is not uncommon for us to find fully optimized web hosting for a more efficient WordPress operation. From one-click installations to tools that make your WordPress fly, you will enjoy a variety of exclusive WordPress resources that will make your experience more comfortable.
    What is web hosting and what is it for?

The question remains in your mind, because many believe that the world of web hosting is the domain of experts, but it is not. We do not say that it is easy but if you decide to manage your own web hosting and you make a good plan, you will be acquiring the tools you need to move freely. Soon you will manage a whole new vocabulary, which will allow you to compare services in terms of the web space offered, the number of databases available, the ease of use of the control panel, availability guarantees, transfer speed, optimization for WordPress, among others.

One of the tips we usually give to our beginning clients is to make sure they have 24/7 technical support. Thus, they will be able to more efficiently solve any problem that may arise with their web hosting service.


A good, nice and cheap web hosting … but not free

In the world of web hosting there are plans for the most varied tastes and offers that are sold as “free”. But we all know that free can be very expensive, so our advice is strong: the price of plans should not be the decisive element and we must take care of our impulses when we hear the word free.

We must seek a balance between quality service and a web hosting plan that suits our economic possibilities, there are cheap hosting for this purpose. Knowing in depth the technical characteristics will allow us to be sure that we will have sufficient security, speed and correct support. Then we can compare prices in the various plans and access a more optimal service, which adapts to our needs and allows us to create the website of our dreams.

We hope that the question: What is web hosting and what is it for? has been answered and we would like to read your comments and tell us what topics you would like to read.

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