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WEB HOSTING: The Definitive Guide 2020

We reach you the most complete review of Web Hosting, FREE Hosting and WordPress Hosting that you can find in the Spanish market. So you can host your website without problems. Each provider has their plan for every taste. Surely you get messed with the different types of services that are there: that if they have security, that if you need SSL, that support, that if you have ftp …bah! Don’t worry about it anymore. We work by testing many servers and host in Spanish, we do it to make it easy for you. We’ve been dealing with this for a long time, and we don’t want you to go through the same thing.

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If you are one of those who is just immersed in this world and do not even understand what a hosting or web hosting is, we recommend that you read our article: What is a Hosting? I’m sure he‘ll take all the doubts out of you.

If you are looking for professional advice for your accommodation or website design, do not hesitate to write us how happy and free we will give you a hand. Write to us, we won’t be long after we’ll get back to you.

We’ll help you throughout the process: from choosing the best web hosting and domain provider to advising you on design. We are Specialists in WordPress with more than 10 years of experience. We also develop Cloud apps and applications.

Why Is It Necessary to Choose a Good Hosting?

Your website will be hosted on a web hosting and there are features that your project needs not every hosting plan contemplated. If you don’t choose the right one, you can get into a mess from the ground up.

There are many things to keep in mind, but these 6 factors should not be missing when choosing a web hosting:

Charging speed:

A fast server is a very important thing to consider because if your website pages take a lifetime to show, your visitors will fly away. A good loading speed is equal to happy visitors and that is rewarded even by Google.

Service availability:

If you hire a web hosting where the servers go offline every two times three, you will surely lose all the investment you have made on your site. A server must have an availability of more than 99.95% per year. In other words, you need to hire a reliable infrastructure that allows your project to work. No server, no web page. And this doesn’t have to be priced sidereal.

Good Technical Support:

It’s common for a lot of people not to give it the necessary importance, but believe me that when potatoes burn you will care a lot about having a technical team that gives you an accurate and quick response, who know the technology and environment you are using. An html installation with Angular is not the same as a WordPress installation with PHP. And not to mention if you have problems with DNS configuration files. That’s why during our tests, we drive back crazy with questions to the support team to see if they’re up to the task.

The needs of your project:

Each project is a world, but it is common for you to approach using a content manager such as WordPress, Joomla, Prestashop (the latter has special tools available for the assembly of online store) or you have developed a site under some programming language. Everyone needs different features and you have to take that into account when hiring web hosting.

Server Location:

It is ideal to hire in the same geographical area where most of your visitors are. This is not always a limiting one as there are services that can significantly improve access speed, such as CDNs, which we will talk about later. But a good tip: if you are in Europe that servers are in Europe is an advantage. The same is true on other continents.


It doesn’t always make it expensive, nor is expensive better. There are a multitude of services that can confuse a little at first. That’s why we decided to do the heavy lifting for you. You must pay the right thing, no more, no less. We will develop this in more detail in each analysis of the different hostings. In all the shared hostings that we test we request a guarantee period with a refund of 100% of those paid, in case you do not agree with the hosting.

You want to know quickly the price of a hosting plan, enter our hosting comparison in Spanish. Here

The Best Web Hosting in Spain 2020

Product Features Overall Price Buy Now

SiteGround: ¿Para Qué Tipo de Proyectos es el Hosting Indicado?

  • Facilidad
  • Velocidad
  • Uptime
  • Soporte
83,40€/Año (Plan Base) Prueba SiteGroundLeer Reseña

Webempresa: Opinión actualizada 2020

  • Facilidad
  • Velocidad
  • Uptime
  • Soporte
79,00€/Año (Plan Base) Prueba WebempresaLeer Reseña

Raiola Networks

  • Facilidad
  • Velocidad
  • Uptime
  • Soporte
71,4€/Año (Plan Base) Prueba RaiolaNetworksLeer Reseña

Factoría Digital: Opiniones y Análisis 2020

  • Facilidad
  • Velocidad
  • Uptime
  • Soporte
80,0€/Año (Plan Base) Prueba Factoría DigitalLeer Reseña


Hosting siteground

SiteGround entered the Hispanic market back in 2016 and from the first moment impressed many webmasters to be their web hosting. They currently have about 2,000,000 domain names, which you manage on your web hosting.

SiteGround has a branch in Madrid and its special team allows to support 100% in Spanish. This Premium hosting has dedicated servers, distributed in several worldwide datacenters. Although it does not have servers in Spain, you can choose from the three European centers that have very high security and high availability.

The good:

The attention of the technical support is excellent, the best we have tried. On the other hand, at the performance level we have been blown away: it is the best during all the tests that we have carried out. If you use content managers (CMS) like Joomla or Drupal, they have a cache plugin, so your site will fly at the load level.

In addition, they have advanced web hosting features that will allow you to have test environments (Testing) without affecting the productive site. Additionally, they do not measure monthly data transfer and perform daily backups.

The bad:

Its price on all plans, although it is a Premium hosting, is not for all pockets or as we like to say: “For all projects”. You have an initial installation fee in the case of monthly hiring.

Why would you hire a Host at SiteGround?

The answer is simple: because you want the best service 7 days a week, 24 hours a day for your project. Your web project has to have a certain size or be an e-commerce that needs the best performance to not lose money. The service in time at speed and response turned out to be more than optimal in our tests.


enterprise web hosting

Webempresa is a Spanish classic that has been present since 1997 and has more than 50,000 active customers. The performance is excellent and the support is remarkable. They specialize in WordPress – although they accept other CMS – and the technical support on this platform is of very high technical level. By far, for WordPress, it’s the best to choose from. Use the well-known cpanel (control panel), so you’re sure to feel comfortable in its use.

The good:

They have very well orchestrated every hosting plan and work very well and it is fast. They have everything optimized for WordPress and other content managers. Availability and speed put you in second place for all the services we’ve tested.

The bad:

Storage. While the amount of GB they offer fits you well on average to most websites, it’s a little limited to our taste. On the other hand, they limit the transfer bandwidth. For the latter, it can be quite loose for most projects, but if your project requires a lot of space or you have more than 20,000 visits daily, we recommend another option. They have limitations on the number of domains you can have depending on your plan.

Why would you hire a Host on a Web enterprise?

If your project is WordPress or Joomla, like more than 90% of the market, and you don’t have a number of visits that would leave most webmasters frozen this is your best option. By price, quality and response speed is our recommendation in most of our facilities.


hosting raiola network

Raiola Networks is headquartered in Lugo, Galicia and has been in service since 2014. While in front of the giants of the sector is a small company, they give a world-class service.

The performance in speed and customer response is comparable to the best (SiteGround) but with a much more competitive price.

The good:

They have servers with good performance and high availability; are cheaper than their core competency: SiteGround & Web enterprise; include a free domain in their annual plans.

The bad:

Support in all your plans. While it’s good, it doesn’t have the quality of its main opponents. If you think about installing WordPress, my recommendation is that you must be an advanced user since you won’t have much help with those complex problems presented by your platform. On the other hand, they have limitations on the number of email accounts; each plan has limits imposed on the amount of creation of the same. And finally they don’t have an advanced Cache solution using plugin like Webcompany or SiteGround

Why would you hire a Host at Raiola Networks?

The service is similar to Webentery, only cheaper. Recommended for small and medium projects.


digital factory hosting

Digital Factory came to market a few years ago. They want to position themselves among the best. In their own words, they claim to be the fastest (up to 12 times faster than the competition), but in our analyses they did not match their competitors. They have great service, we have tried it. There is a lot of quality, but the price is excessive, putting on the scale what the competition offers in terms of performance.

The good:

Customer service. It is worth noting the technical support service. They know what they’re talking about and take proactive action when they monitor servers. They have a page builder on the control panel and offer free SSL certificates. It should also be noted that they have a special cache activated by plugin for typical content managers.

The bad:

Price, versus the quality of Webentery or SiteGround are expensive when you compare performance and performance. Another point to improve is availability, while acceptable, competition has better rates at the same price.

Why would you hire a Host at Raiola Networks?

If you want a boutique service with outstanding attention and have to pay for it, it can be a viable alternative. Or if you need a service that is if or if in Spain, it is a good choice, although it is opaque in the face of what Webempresa offers, at a better price.


hosting goddady

This supplier is one of the world’s monsters in this area, with millions of customers worldwide. Its dedicated hosting operation is among the largest in the world, with nearly 18 million accounts for the SME and massive customer market (end users).

The problem is that you will become a number more within the customer list: it is a service with little performance and not adapting for most people. We recommend it for domain registration, as they have important offers and when you’re buying several per month you can make a difference.

The good

Storage and bandwidth. All of your plans have unlimited web space and don’t restrict bandwidth, meaning they don’t measure your website traffic. In our tests availability is one of the highest; this is easy to understand because they have large amounts of financial resources to have a cluster of additional equipment.
Another thing that has fascinated us is that they have on the platform a site builder, an interesting feature for those projects in which you dare to build your own website.

The bad

The loading speed was not good in our tests. Price is another factor to consider as it is expensive for what they offer. Finally, while they offer unlimited disk space, they limit the mysql databases you can use, thus limiting the number of websites you can have in hosting.

Why would you hire a Host at Godaddy?

If you want a site that has unlimited spa, both for the website and for the mail server and you don’t mind that it’s slow, this may be a good option. But if you analyze what Webcompany or SiteGround offers you, you’ll find that it’s not the best option, especially when it comes to convening support.

What is the Best WordPress Hosting?

Banner-Hosting WordPress

Wordpress is number one among Content Managers because it has more powerThis position earned him for ease and flexibility when facing a website, a corporate site, a shopping cart or a simple blog. In addition, performing local SEO management on this platform is much easier than with other CMS.

Another important point to keep in mind is that every 10 sites that are created, 3 or 4 are WordPress, therefore, it is one of the most used platforms on the Internet for the creation of websites.

Now let’s look at the Hosting theme for WordPress. It is a topic that, when creating a site, cannot be passed lightly.  This is a content manager that requires a significant participation in database usage, (usually 100% of hostings use MySQL), therefore it is important that they have a good database cache, solid state disks (SSD disks) and depending on what type of templates and/ or plugins you install, a significant CPU usage.

Conditions of a WordPress Hosting

So in short the requirements for good WP Shared Hosting are special and you need to make sure they contemplate these features:

Security: Protection against computer attacks (DDoS, Malware, etc.).
Easy Installation: Allow the control panel to install with just 1 click.
Zero Maintenance: Automatic Backups.
High availability: Provide a service with few or no annual drops.
Speed: High performance in the loading speed of your site.
WordPress Support Service: You must have a specialist in the field, since many times WordPress gives us a headache.

In our analyses we focus on shared hosting based on the Linux Operating System. While it is possible to run WP on Windows, the best performance results are not seen on the latter platform.

Recommended WordPress Hosting: To our humble understanding and having tried dozens of hosting, the best Spanish hosting is without a doubt Webcompany, look at our analysis here

 We are specialists in WordPress

Together with Dr. Zkin, we are almost 100% dedicated with this content manager, we have been working with WordPress for over 12 years and have gone through endless projects, suppliers and problems. That’s why we make this table with the specialized hostings in this CMS. If you want details of each of the suppliers, I invite you to enter the Review of each of them so as not to miss anything:

If you’re thinking about doing your first steps in WordPress and don’t want to spend a coin and use free WordPress hosting, you can try It is a hosting with wordpress pre-installed for free, so you don’t have to deal with a WordPress installation in Hosting … you just open the account and use it. Read our note to find out the pros and cons of this WordPress hosting here


Proveedor de Hosting Tipo de Uso Más Información
Probar SiteGround
Para proyectos grandes y medianos.

Desde 9,95 € al mes.
Leer Reseña
Probar Webempresa
Para proyectos medianos.

Desde 6,5 € al mes.
Leer Reseña
Probar Raiola
Para proyectos medianos.

Desde 5,95 € al mes.
Leer Reseña
Probar Factoría Digital
Para proyectos medianos.

Desde 8,30 € al mes.
Leer Reseña
Probar Hostinet
Para proyectos pequeños

Desde 3,60 € al mes.
Leer Reseña
Para proyectos peuqeños.

Desde 1,99 € al mes
Leer Reseña


This provider is without a doubt one of the best Hosting we have tested. For more information go to Siteground

Prices in SiteGround:

Starter: 9.95 s /month x 10GB of wordpress hosting and cache system.
GrowBig: 17.95 s/month x 20GB of space, advanced cache, testing environment and advanced backup.
GoGeek: 29.95 euros /month x 20GB of space (more Options in the GrowBig package + Testing & Development space)


Free SSL certificate with Let’s Encrypt.
Free traffic (Not measured).
Support in Spanish 7×24 hours, by phone, chat and mail.
High availability 99.99%.
Cache specially designed in this manager.
Testing and Development Environments with the same account.
User Manager: Allows you to manage different users for administrative tasks with different levels of access.

Recommended for sites that need very good performance and have a medium to high wingspan. While it’s more expensive than the competition, it’s actually worth every coin invested. It has additional specific plugins of its own for optimization, migration etc.

SiteGround: 30 days trial


Another quality hosting and super aligned with the platform. They have an enviable team of developers and WordPress support and really strive in the service. In addition, they have a process for every vicissitude, so you will be well taken care of. If you want to know more about Webcompany go to the full review here.

They are, without a doubt, hosting for the average of users. They are fully optimized for WP, support responds up to 20 minutes and the surprising thing is that they can react proactively if they analyze any issues in the behavior of your server.

Enterprise Plan Pricing:

Home: 6.5o/month x1GB of space and 60GB of monthly data transfer.
Standard: $12.40 per month per 2GB of space and 120GB of monthly data transfer.
Professional: 15.30o/month per 3GB of space and 200GB of monthly data transfer and advanced cache system.
Advanced: 20.75o/month per 4GB of space and 240GB of monthly data transfer and special cache system.


Gratos SSL Certificate (HTTPS) with Let’s Encrypt.
7×24 hour chat and email support.
High availability 99.97%
Cache System for WP (higher plan only).
Installing WordPress to One Click (WordPress Easy)

Note: A free domain is included with the plan’s hiring.

Recommended for users who need good performance and have little experience with WP as it can be supplemented with the support they provide. It is not recommended if you need shared hosting that requires a lot of disk space or unlimited bandwidth. Really from our experience, both the space and bandwidth offered meets the expectation of 95% of users. But if you’re on a mega project, we advise SiteGround.

Enterprise: 30 days trial

Enterprise Web Hosting has recently implemented WP Easy (Wordpres Easy) with Divi, it creates your website easy and fast. A WordPress installation doesn’t have to take your sleep away. Find out more in our report


This young Spanish company, based in Galicia, has made a lot of noise since its entry into the market, they have a good service, but if you need to know everything about it, go to our review

Prices of plans in Raiola Networks:

SSD Startup: 5.95 euros/month per 5GB of space, 1 domain, and 100GB of data transfer.
SSD Base: 7.95 euros/month per 10GB of space, 3 domains and 200GB of data transfer.
Average SSD: 9.95 euros/month per 15GB of space, 5 domains and 300GB of data transfer.
Pro SSD: 11.95 euros/month for 30GB of space, 30 domains and 500GB of data transfer.


Let’s Encrypt Certificate for free (HTTPS).
Support 7×24 by phone, chat and mail.
Excellent performance.
Average availability 99.90%

Note: This hosting does not have a special caching solution, it means not having a faster WordPress. They have a low traffic limit and the plan your WordPress can receive. There are also limitations on the domains you can contain and do not have unlimited databases.

Recommended for those who want to spend little and need a lot of storage and high performance. Keep in mind that for a couple more Euros you can achieve the quality of other environments such as SiteGround or Webempresa

Raiola Network: 30 days trial

Remember: If for company policy purposes you need hosting with Spanish ip, we recommend Raiola Networks, it is not the best Spanish hosting, but it has its equipment in Madrid. The best hosting in Spain to our understanding is Webempresa, but it has its equipment in Andorra.


Digital Factory offers servers in Spain. According to its own publications and its website, it is the fastest web hosting in the Spanish market; but really in our tests they left a lot to be desired. It is an option to consider only if you need your sites to be in Spain, since it has its Datacenter in Madrid. Prices are expensive compared to the strengths offered by the competition.

Prices in Digital Factory:

Unique: 8.30 s /month x 5GB of space.
Basic: 12.46 s /month x 10GB of space.
Professional: 16.62 euros / month x 20GB of space.


Special cache solution for WordPress.
Servers located in Spain.
7×24 support by email.
Includes free domain in all your plans

Recommended for those who need to have a web hosting in Spanish territory because of a question of company policy, since in features we put it last. Any other shared hosting offers better features at almost the same or slightly lower price as is the case with SiteGround

>Digital Factory: 30 days trial

Free Web Hosting: Is it a good idea?

Free hosting

A free web hosting is another possibility when it comes to starting your website if your budget is equal to zero or if you want to start testing some business with little expense and risk. As we will already tell you, it is preferable cheap hosting than free hosting, but there are some good options in these free hostings.

There are many free web hosting offers on the market, we have taken the job of analyzing the best ones. Day by day we will try new possibilities and make them known to you.

Free Hosting Conditions

But let us get you ahead of yourself with some things you need to know about the limitations of ad-free free hosting. Consider these items:

Little Space:

All free web plans have little disk space. If you’re thinking of a site that occupies many megas, you’ll be in trouble. Creating a big site in such companies is a headache.

Limitation on Web Traffic:

In this type of free accommodation you will not be able to have all the visitors you want, as they will limit your traffic. If you manage to create a seO-optimized website or generate traffic, you’ll see that many will be left unsweeed.

Poor Performance:

This type of solution usually has common disks, not SSD type and low RAM, so sure your website will crawl. If you want it to fly you have to think of a payment solution.

Poor Availability:

You will see that it is common for the server to fall off often and you will surely not be able to complain as it is a hosting with zero costs.

Bad Technical Support:

Don’t expect premium support like the one given by Webcompany or SiteGround, if they serve you, they’re likely to be able to do little for you.

Free Hosting and Domain:

You won’t be able to have a free domain and free hosting too, you’ll need to buy a domino and set it up in free hosting.

From what we’ve told you, it’s clear that these services don’t give away anything. Hosting companies need to make money and they do this with advertising or betting on your site to grow and be able to sell you a plan in the future. What happens is that these companies usually don’t have a good paid hosting plan. Keep reading that we’ll tell you when to bet on special type of hosting.

When to Use Free Web Hosting and When Do Not?

Already in your head you are getting the idea of how risky to use this type of web hosting.

USE: Only in cases where your site is not business-oriented. You’re either putting together a personal blog or a website mockup and you don’t want to spend a hard time. Or if you don’t care about page performance or have server crashes, that is, when you don’t pursue an economic purpose. For example, your personal blog or a blog of your travels, or a project that is in incubator.

DO NOT USUARIA: If your website aims to be an online business, such as a Niche Blog with Adsense optimized with SEO, an Ecommerce or online store, a system for your app, etc.
You wouldn’t put the golden egg hen in a corral you can get away from tomorrow. The same goes for your business: invest little but make sure your income is done. As we always tell our customers and/or students: use us well, ask before facing something, so that afterwards we do not have to offer handkerchiefs to dry tears.

Likewise, if you want to start with something free, we bring you this list that we have armed with the best free hostings of the moment. But I also invite you to see a detailed analysis of the best of the market as free hosting, click here.

Hosting Comparison 2019 -2020

Now let’s take a look at the highlights in 2019/2020 comparative hosting. I want to reach you those positive aspects and everything we do not like, that’s why we analyze in detail these shared hostings:

Why It’s Important to Compare Before Hiring

If you have to choose a hosting in Spain or in another location in Latin America, you have to analyze your technical needs first and then study what the market of hosting companies currently offers.

Notice that it is not the same a small website that your friends of the club enter once a year to see the last holiday in Marbella, that to set up a business or online store that depends on everything working perfectly or, if not, you will not have a measly currency. No talking if you set up a niche site that will be monetized with Adsense and have thousands of views. We can talk hours about the different types of websites that we can create, so don’t go lightly: stop for a minute and analyze well the comparison of hosting plan that we offer you.

Is Hosting Multidomain?

You also have to analyze whether you’re going to have multiple domains (multiple web pages) in the same hosting or you’ll only put together a single site. I’m telling you this because many hosting providers limit their cheaper hosting plan to just one domain. Keep this in mind.

Other hosting companies, on the other hand, restrict the traffic or bandwidth that your hosting can receive and thus limit the number of visitors your site will have. You will say: why do they do this? The answer is simple: for a cost factor, the fewer visits servers need fewer CPU, Memory and Disk resources… it’s that simple. At first, if you hire a hosting provider with limited bandwidth won’t bring you a problem, but if your website grows in traffic, many visitors will stay out because your hosting plan doesn’t accept any more hits or visits. Ergo, you lose money, reputation and thousands of other things.

Other Recommendations

Now let’s think about another important issue: plan pricing. Here are all the sizes of pockets but, as we have already mentioned, at a lower price, lower features. Carefully analyze if the hosting company does not have hidden expenses, such as SiteGround that charges a fee of 12 euros if you hire any plan paying per month, in terms of installation and/or maintenance costs. For this reason, when hiring cheap hosting, take a good look at the fine print. If you’re still confused, write to us and we’ll help you choose the best one.

So, when it comes to choosing good hosting, don’t just look at quality and price: look also at a sometimes forgotten aspect that is customer service. Because while loading speed or loading times of a website is important, it is also very important to us how much technical support can help you when our site is down. Many Spanish hosting providers emphasize their digital marketing campaigns on how good and fast their teams are, but they have quite poor technical service.

In short, I hope that this page has helped you to reach your best hiring option and do not hesitate to search for us, stay in detail our analyses and the detailed comparisons that we have put together for you.


What is the best paid hosting in Spain?

For support and services we believe that there are two large companies that are the best: SiteGround and Webcompany. The choice is on the side of the scale of your project. For the common web pages, Webcompany fits perfectly if you reach a maximum traffic of 100,000 visits.

What are the best free hosting providers?

In our analysis we saw that the best service offers 000webhost and LucusHost. Both are free hosting for wordpress. Check out our free hosting comparison by clicking here.

What is unlimited free hosting?

Unlimited hosting applies to the bandwidth offered by free hosting. The only one that has left us satisfied when trying was X10hosting, an English language hosting. This is the only free unlimited space hosting, other free hostings restrict hosting space and bandwidth.

How to get a free hosting and domain?

Free web hostings are commonly offered without a domain, so you’ll need to buy a domain from another provider and link it to the free Spanish-language hosting provider we’ve proposed in our analysis. For the purchase of cheap domains you can buy them on GoDaddy or NameCheap.

What is a VPS Hosting?

A Virtual Private Server VPS is a server that has software that allows it to partition its processors, RAM, and disk space across multiple virtual machines (VM’s Virtual Machine). Each of this VM functions as if it were a real stand-alone computer. This way hosting providers optimize their resources and the cost of services.

What kind of Hostings do they commonly compare?

We focus on shared hostings, for small or medium-sized sites, of the most widespread platform, i.e. Linux Cloud Web Hosting. This is, today, the most popular and the most widely used by most PHP-based content managers, such as WP, Joomla, Magento, Prestashop and Drupal. We also analyzed VPS Hosting or Private Virtual Hosting, virtual private server.

Can you help me with my project?

Of course. Contact us by sending us an email, we will be happy to give you a hand. We carry out turnkey projects. Tell us and we’ll get in touch.

Do all the hostings analyzed have the same services?

While most of the hostings analyzed have similar services, not all have the same plans. There are hosting companies that have plans more oriented to provide professional mail services (unlimited email). Others, on the other hand, orient plans to a number of hits, targeting high performance on SSDs, lots of RAM, and large bandwidth. But most provide in their packages free certified DDoS protection, website builder, etc. For more detail, look at the hosting comparison and detailed analysis of each company.

Do you provide information on how to create and manage a Blog?

If you need to create a blog from scratch we can help you. Contact us and we will advise you for free. We have certified staff to answer all your questions. Find more information on our site map.

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