We developed this Dr. Zkin’s CtsZkin.com site because we had a lot of problems with web hosting in our early days back in 2004, when we created our Go Design agency. We encountered many vicissitudes that if they had alerted us from the beginning, they would not have brought us problems with our own clients and projects.

That is why we work on creating a site so that you can find all the help on the different variants of hostings existing both in the Spanish and Latin American markets.

We have done a thorough job evaluating each hosting solution so that you have accurate and reliable information, so you do not get ugly surprises.

What are you going to find in CTSZkin Hosting?

  • The best hosting analysis for the Hispanic-Latino market, we are very picky when it comes to studying the quality of what we show you on this website.
  • A wide variety of information to make your project come true and start off on the right foot.
  • The best articles on WordPress, E-Commerce and online business, which you can find on our blog.

How do we finance ourselves?

When we help you find the hosting that best suits your needs and you decide to subscribe through our links, we receive a small commission without this being reflected in an increase in your hosting costs.

We want to be very energetic in saying that our analyzes are not contingent on the percentage or we are induced by the hosting providers to give good results in our tests or analyzes. A good example of this is that for example 1and1 is the provider that gives us the most commission and we do not directly recommend it at all. So rest assured that when we give you a recommendation we ensure 100% that you will have no problems, we want to make a long relationship with you reader friend.

Since we want to thank you for browsing CTSZkin.com, we are eager to receive news and proposals, do it through our contact section

Thank you again. A cordial greeting.-